“How can I make V’s life perfect and awesome?” -Jesus Christ

22 Feb

I got offered a writing position at No Film School. I’m incredibly excited to write for a blog that people actually read….sorry vbarden.wordpress.com. I still love you.





2 Feb

I’ve been resurrected from the dead. Here’s a celebratory poem!

“Microcosms” in the Poems tab. Checky.

“Rowan; Age 3″ and “Carmine Sings Her Song”

4 Apr


Two new Ones

23 Mar

Yep…a couple of new poems for your perusal. Also…a new video is on the way.

Here’s to the end of Winter term!


Today’s Message from Poetry Class: “Revision is FUN!”

1 Mar

The directions:

-Have someone cut up your poem into pieces

-Without looking, discard four of those pieces into a paper bag

-With the pieces face down, number them

- Put the pieces in numerical order

-Pick one discarded piece out of the bag (full of pieces of other people’s poems)

-Work that piece into your poem

I made it!

21 Feb

A poem

A team

Who likes double entendres?

This poem is the second from my poetry class entitled “Carmine Sings Her Song”. Check it out in the “poems” tab!

This team I got on is a team that will be filming and editing a video for the Cinema Studies department at the U of O. I was told it would not only be shown to students and faculty, but rich old men who might want to invest the big bucks in this delightful film program.


Poetry class is good for writing poems…

1 Feb

I posted a new poem! It’s an assignment I had to do for class, and the stipulations were

1.) Write about a picture

2.) Ask a question

Here’s the picture I wrote about…le poem is called “Rowan; Age 3″. Enyoy. Enyoy.


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